Note for Mac Users:

Several users of Mac OS X (any version) who normally use Apple’s Safari as their web browser have reported a problem with opening the PDF files of the articles posted on the Methodist Review web site.  The problem seems to occur only when users also have the Adobe Reader program installed and selected as the primary PDF viewer for Safari, and does not occur with other web browsers for the Mac (e.g., Firefox). There appears to be an incompatibility of some sort between Safari, the Preview program that is built into Mac OS X, and the Adobe Reader program (even the most recent version) concerning the handling of PDF files. The following work-around should resolve the problem without requiring a complete uninstall of Adobe Reader.

Open the Adobe Reader program. You should now see an Adobe Reader icon on the far left of the upper level “bar” on the Mac. Clicking on that icon should open a drop-down menu; click on “Preferences.” When the “Preferences” menu opens, go to “Internet” and then in the area headed “Web Browser Options” find and *UNCHECK* the box that says “Display PDF in browser.”  Click on “OK” then close the Reader program. Close Safari completely, then restart Safari and go back to the Methodist Review site and log in. This time when you click on the PDF files of an article, the Mac Preview program should open the PDF file in a separate window.

Please let us know if this workaround does not enable you to open the PDF files of Methodist Review articles on your system. Both Apple and Adobe are aware of this problem but cannot say when a fix will be forthcoming.