Vol 1 (2009)

Table of Contents

An Editorial Welcome to Methodist Review PDF (Full Text)
Russell E. Richey, Ted A. Campbell, Rex D. Matthews 1-6
What Makes Theology “Wesleyan”? PDF (Full Text)
Sarah Heaner Lancaster, Catherine Keller, Donald A. Thorsen, Dennis C. Dickerson, Charles M. Wood 7-26
The United Methodist Church at 40: Where Have We Come From? PDF (Full Text)
Russell E. Richey 27-56
The United Methodist Church at 40: How Have We Done? PDF (Full Text)
Woodie W. White 57-68
The United Methodist Church at 40: What Can We Hope For? PDF (Full Text)
Mary Elizabeth Moore 69-91
John Wesley and The Twenty-first Century: A Realistic Future PDF (FULL TEXT)
Edward P. Wimberly 93-107
"And to Crown All": John Wesley on Union with God in the New Creation PDF (FULL TEXT)
Kenneth Milton Loyer 109-25

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