"And to Crown All": John Wesley on Union with God in the New Creation


John Wesley
new creation
union with God

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Loyer, K. M. (2009). "And to Crown All": John Wesley on Union with God in the New Creation. Methodist Review, 1, 109-25. Retrieved from https://www.methodistreview.org/index.php/mr/article/view/20


In the last decade of his life, John Wesley became increasingly concerned with the biblical promise of God’s new creation (Revelation 21:1). This theological motif has generated substantial interest among Wesley’s interpreters, especially within the last fifteen years. However, one aspect of Wesley’s account of the new creation that has not been very widely considered is the notion of union with God, which is precisely what Wesley says will “crown all” in his sermon “The New Creation” (par. 18). Wesley’s image of union with God in the new creation reflects a holistic trinitarian approach that can be further developed by following Wesley’s trajectory toward a robust understanding of cosmic redemption. Given its trinitarian focus, holistic balance, and grounding in solid eschatological hope, such an account holds promise for the task of critical engagement with the theological concerns of our time in an authentically Wesleyan way.